State Route 37 (SR 37) passes through the last great marshes in the San Francisco Bay, providing commuters, tourists, and trucks a path between I-80 and highway 101. It is in jeopardy of becoming flooded more often because of sea-level rise. This project involves stakeholder process and technical analyses to determine possible future planning solutions for the highway and its human and natural environment.

This site hosts GIS data for the region, an online map interface which shows flood inundation and LIDAR data, various resources including reports and meeting minutes, and more. To access these resources, please contact Fraser Shilling ( with a short description of why you need access to these resources. We will be happy to provide you with an account to access the site.

While we would like this site to remain dynamic and available, funding for maintaining the site (e.g. security updates) is no longer available, so we must limit the use and availability of this site.

This site was build and is (currently) being maintained by the Road Ecology Center at UC Davis.

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