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Solano Transportation Authority Joins with Other Regional Transportation Agencies to Work on 37

Congratulations to STA for helping to lead the next steps on State Route 37. The governing body voted on 10/14/2015 to approve joining in on a memorandum of understanding to work with the Napa County Transportation Planning Agency, the Sonoma County Transportation Authority and the Transportation Authority of Marin. Hopefully they will share their plans at the next (and last) stakeholder meeting, planned for January, 2016.

Highway 37 Project Re-Starts in 2014 (Phase II)

Thanks to funding support from Caltrans (State Planning and Research), the Road Ecology Center and partners have re-engaged partners and stakeholders to develop alternative scenarios and designs for state route 37. This new phase (Phase II) will include sea level rise and inundation modeling, conceptual engineering drawings, and cost estimates for a new highway 37 corridor. Stay tuned and get engaged!