Preparing for Sea Level Rise on the Hayward Shoreline: Executive Summary

This document is an executive summary of a study which looks at sea level rise along 4.3 miles of Hayward shoreline between State Highway 92 and San Lorenzo Creek.
Jeremy Lowe, ESA PWA and Erik Pearson, City of Hayward

When the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) released a set of maps
depicting areas of the San Francisco Bay shoreline vulnerable to sea level rise, the Hayward Area
Shoreline Planning Agency (HASPA) took notice. HASPA, which consists of the City of Hayward,
the Hayward Area Park and Recreation District, and the East Bay Regional Park District,
commissioned a preliminary study by ESA PWA to identify vulnerable infrastructure, and assess
the feasibility of protecting shoreline infrastructure and wetlands along the shoreline1.This is the
beginning of HASPA’s adaptation efforts. Recommendations from the study will be fed into future
versions of the City’s Climate Action Plan.