Transportation Concept Report, State Route 37 (1/2015)

This is the most recent draft of the TCR, which is the planning document Caltrans uses to describe the problems and potential problems facing State Route 37.

California’s State Highway System needs long range planning documents to guide the logical development of transportation systems as required by CA Gov. Code §65086 and as necessitated by the public, stakeholders, and system users. The purpose of the TCR is to evaluate current and projected conditions along the route and communicate the vision for the development of each route in each Caltrans District during a 25-year Planning horizon. The TCR is developed with the goals of increasing safety, improving mobility, providing excellent stewardship, and meeting community and environmental needs along the corridor through integrated management of the transportation network, including the highway, transit, pedestrian, bicycle, freight, operational improvements and travel demand management components of the corridor. The TCR also incorporates the goals of Plan Bay Area, the regional transportation and land use plan created to address emissions and climate change.

The State Route (SR) 37 TCR utilized information and input from the Highway 37 Stewardship Study1, which was completed in 2012. The study was a multi-functional and multi-agency assessment of alternative future concepts for SR 37. Through a series of stakeholder2 meetings, workshops and other outreach, transportation, natural resource protection agency and community stakeholders were convened to define the corridor context, identify critical issues, and explore alternative improvement strategies for SR 37. The TCR was circulated for review and comments to the following agencies: Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM), Sonoma County Transportation Authority (SCTA), Solano Transportation Authority (STA).

Creator: Caltrans, District 4

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